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Meet The Team


Jeremy Teasdale

Jeremy Teasdale has been implementing complex software solutions since 2008.  He believes superior quality service comes from pairing business knowledge with application and technical knowledge.  You’ll never hear Jeremy say, “You didn’t tell me you wanted that” because he believes in anticipating your needs.  Jeremy is going to understand your goals and think through all the obstacles which might prevent you from reaching that goal.  He loves thinking about difficult and complex problems and then designing and implementing solutions to those problems.


Jeremy specializes in Manhattan associates’ “Scale” warehouse management system, Microsoft SQL server, and bespoke development.

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Carla Teasdale

Carla Teasdale has been helping companies transform their business since 2009.  She has overseen several digital revolutions and equipped IT departments to meet the needs of their business.  Carla loves project management because she loves sharing her knowledge, keeping things organized and doing all the work necessary to turn the dream into the reality.


Carla specializes in IT Advisory, Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, and project management.


We started Wilmuth Solutions because we wanted a company that focused on quality and results. We believe in a more direct connection between consultants and their clients. With over 20 years of combined experience, we know how to have successful implementations. 


At Wilmuth we believe in the old adage the customer comes first.  More than that, we believe in creating value for our customers.  This is second nature.  We know from experience what processes and procedures we need to follow to achieve success.  Whenever we are faced with a difficult decision or whenever our clients are faced with a difficult decision, remembering this core value shows the path forward:  How are we creating value for our customers?

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